workshop at the Marketing Capitals Conference (MCC) at University of St. Gallen

Connecting the dots is true marketing innovation: How state-of-the-art competitive intelligence beats the competition.

The Marketing Capitals Conference (MCC) is the result of a collaboration between the marketing clubs of two top European business schools: Bocconi University and the University of St.Gallen. The 2016 edition's theme was Marketing and Innovation and was invited to lead a workshop and to participate in a panel discussion about the future of digital marketing.


This marks the beginning of our new strategic Academia initiative which is designed to collaborate with and support students that are at their very early career stages. Stay tuned at our website and social media channels for reports on future events and activities.

Here is what we discussed and shared with the students during or workshop:

Business decisions are taken all the time. Big and small. Complex and less so. But there is no decision maker out there who knows and understands all competitive and market aspects inside out and takes swift decisions all by themselves.
Did you ever wonder how key decision makers are supported; how they get it right, early and fast? is the Swiss Association for Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning (SMCS) that represents and supports professionals engaged in competitive intelligence activities, market research and analysis and strategic planning in Switzerland - the very professionals whose deliverables enable sound decision making at various organizational levels.
During the workshop, will lift the lid on several career path options in Competitive Intelligence (CI), Market Analysis, Strategic Planing and related professions.

And so we did.


Our president Jens Thieme introduced the background and benefits of a professional association and in particular, before he dove into the inner workings of B2B marketing activities centering around various elements of business insights.

Marc Limacher, Founder & Managing Director of INOVIS and our Association and Digital Sponsor focused on primary research and its bottom line impact.

Murat Can Anadol, student member of presented his personal journey as a student and young professional and how the association supported his early career moves and successes.

Download the presentation and engage with all three presenters during and beyond our events.

The MCC team published some Instagram pictures and a little clip from the workshop.