Protecting its information assets: supervision of the employee by the employer, what are it's limits?

#NovemberUpdate Fantastic news from ASVIE group who had a journalist from Le Bilan publishing an interesting article about the event and topic. We have uploaded the article for you to read - get it here and have fun!

Our #Swissintell Group ASVIE - L’Association suisse en veille stratégique et intelligence économique - held an incredibly successful event last week in Geneva. 

Topic: Protecting its information assets and supervision of its employees: what legal framework? What practices? (french version & summary here)

Presenters Sylvain Métille, a lawyer specializing in questions of data protection, and Lennig Pedron, Director Human Resources and Communications in cybersecurity, shared insights on "Protection of heritage informational: monitoring of employees by employers, what are it's limits? "

Our Presenters had a lively discussion moderated by Stéphane Koch.

Once again a huge thank you to our presenters, moderator and members who made this event a true success.

We had over 30 professionals attending this event at La Mère Royaume in the center of Geneva. More to come for sure!