"Sitting in the same boat."

Jens Thieme, Principal & Founder of Opportunis

Dear swissintell.org members,

many solution providers have a rich and deep practitioners experience as competitive intelligence managers, marketing leaders or strategy planners.

Combined with their best practice focus and equipped with state-of-the-art consulting tools they are perfectly set up to take your competitive intelligence function to the next level.

Opportunis is such a partner who has been sitting in your chair for decades and resolved organizational and conceptual CI tasks for many clients of varying industries.

We have been helping organizations to strategically and sustainably improve their competitive intelligence functions, fully digitalize their decision support and insights generation via third party CI software selection and implementation projects and by auditing and improving their marketing impact ROI (ROMI).

Let's meet at the swissintell.org events and online to share experience and find solutions for competitive intelligence improvements needs.