Swissintell General Assembly and conference on strategic foresight in Competitive Intelligence
6:00 AM06:00

Swissintell General Assembly and conference on strategic foresight in Competitive Intelligence

After the General Assembly, we will be pleased to welcome a speaker from HEG Geneva on the topic "The role of Competitive Intelligence in Strategic Foresight". Foresight is an anticipatory approach that enables to identify threats and opportunities facing an organization, so that it can influence the future. The speaker will detail the role of business intelligence in a foresight approach.

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Social Engineering
6:00 PM18:00

Social Engineering

  • The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Social engineering is a form of techniques employed by cybercriminals designed to lure unsuspecting users into sending them their confidential data, infecting their computers with malware or opening links to infected sites. 

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"The secret formula for customer happiness"
6:30 PM18:30

"The secret formula for customer happiness"

"The secret formula for customer happiness" Selma Finance: Building a FinTech startup around emotions

How to make people love your product? Especially: How to make people love something that is useful but complicated or even boring?

Investing is a topic that most people don’t enjoy. It’s intimidating for novices and frustrating for pros. Financial industry has a “thick shroud of mystery”. People associate investing with complicated words, confusing pricing and cold, sales-driven communication. Sounds familiar? Traditional providers do little to change this status quo.

With concrete examples, you’ll learn the secret formula for customer happiness.

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3:00 PM15:00 10 year anniversary event

We celebrate our 10 year anniversary with a fantastic line up of speakers, moderated networking sessions and applicable leanings.

Our program is out and we look forward seing you soon in the capitol city of Helvetia. Look out for more surprising details publish via our pre-event mailings.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about the event and bring them along or encourage them to come - We look forward to welcoming you to this great event!

Download your program here and register now:

15:00 Welcome and Registration

15:30 Redefining Connections
Insights from the Global C-Suite Study The CIO Perspective IBM Institute for Business Value Chris Liguori IBM Enterprise Business Unit Digital Transformation & Solutions / Industrial Sector

  • Some key findings from the new IBM study and report
  • The critical importance of strategic information for the C-suite
  • Some thoughts and recommendations for swissintell members and colleagues

16:30 Economic Espionage
Methods, Protagonists, Protective Measures Propylax: FIS Awareness and Prevention Program Guest Speaker Swiss Federal Intelligence Service (FIS)

  • Presentation of the film "Targeted" : The fild shows different modus operandi and espionage methods used by foreign intelligence services and private protagonists to gain access to confidential information and data 
  • Espionage threat situation in Switzerland
  • Protagonists, modus operandi, targets
  • Protective measures
  • Prophylax: prevention and awareness program of the FIS

17:30 Apéro Break, Networking and Sponsor Exhibits and Chats

18:15 Small Data is the Future
Thomas Stoeckle Global Head of Evaluation & Insights LexisNexis BIS

Our special guest speaker, Thomas Stoeckle, Lexisnexis Head Media Intelligence, will deliver his own perspective on the importance of small data in supporting business decision-making. 

All the talk these days is around BIG data and how to use it. Thomas Stoeckle presents an alternative view and warns us to ignore small data at our peril. This will surely stimulate a lively debate and discussion and we look forward hearing your views on this!

19:15 Apéro Riche, Networking and Sponsor Exhibits and Chats

21:00 Close

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Our Sponsors for the #10YearsAnniversaryEvent in Berne

LexisNexis | Comintelli | Inovis Global


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“Why rational decision making is rare and how Behavioral Economics can beat the competition.”
6:30 PM18:30

“Why rational decision making is rare and how Behavioral Economics can beat the competition.”

A hands-on workshop by Marcel Brussee, Senior Competitive Intelligence practitioner and management consultant.

 Marcel Brussee

Marcel Brussee

Serving competitive intelligence and strategic insights to key decision makers is what we do. Only, their way to decide rationally is influenced by behavioral patterns and habits.

In this workshop and fireside chat event we will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to overcome these patterns and to focus us and our collaborators on rationale instead of instinct.

Marcel Brussee, a long-time CI practitioner in Pharma and Consumer Electronics, has been mentoring entrepreneurs with solutions derived from Behavioral Economics studies. He will provide us with practical insights and an action framework to influence the decision makers we work with.

Who is it for?

This workshop is essential for all competitive intelligence managers and agents, commercial staff and strategic planners aiming to unveil the headaches their requestors and customers battle with every day. 

If you want to improve your company’s or customer’s competitiveness through much improved decision making techniques: you will learn them here. Ready to apply the very next day.

We also welcome anyone who has a general interest in competitive intelligence, market research and analysis. Students and startups who want to professionalize their skill set find great value in this evening as well. This is your opportunity in Switzerland for networking with CI colleagues and users. 

Find the invitation pdf here and feel free to forward it to your colleagues, managers and friends.

Please register right below and send this message to like-minded colleagues and anyone who might benefit from Marcel Brussee’s expertise and from this networking opportunity.

Name *

Admission is free for members and CHF50 for non-members (deductible from the annual membership fee of CHF100 if you register as a new member within a week's time.

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6:30 PM18:30 Reap the Many Benefits of ProACTive Scenario Planning - Mitigate Risk, Leverage Opportunities & Optimize Strategy


Research has determined that only very small percentage of individuals and companies effectively take the time and effort to plan for the future. Yet, those that do plan accomplish five to ten times more than do the others.

Planning for external and internal threats in the Life Sciences (pharma, biotech, med devices, genomics, etc.) is a fundamental and essential part of brand planning.

Failure to do so can have a  detrimental impact on the top and bottom line of companies and products – at times in the magnitude of billions of dollars. Importantly, lack of systematic planning based on primary insights has led to some of the greatest surprises in the Life Sciences industry, many times from small-sized companies which came out of left field and were not on the radar prior to the disruptive impact.

Scenario Planning

Dr. Baljit Singh, Managing Director & Partner of Life Sciences at INOVIS AG (and former Director of Global Integrated Insights at Novartis Pharma AG) along with Mika Partanen, Director of Global Competitive Intelligence at Bayer Pharma AG, will provide an overview of a new, unique and first-in-class web-based scenario planning tool – ProACT – which helps mitigate risk, leverage opportunities and optimize strategies.

You will hear first-hand insights and case studies from years of experience from Big Pharma. During this exclusive session, you will hear about the multiple benefits derived from scenario planning and learn how to:

1.       Systematically approach scenario planning

2.       Leverage and apply fundamental tools utilized during the scenario planning process

3.       Prepare your organization for external threats and internal issues

4.       Identify opportunities and align YOUR organization for the challenges ahead

5.       Prioritize activities, focus areas and initiatives

About ProACT:

a.        ProACT is a web-based strategic tool that enables systematic and objective scenario development and action planning

b.       Optimize Corporate, Portfolio and Product Life Cycle tactics and strategies at Global, Regional and Country levels

d.      Align base case assumptions and alternate scenarios across functional teams for Integrated Action Plans (IAPs)

e.      Align different views of risk and its potential consequences

In addition Marc Limacher, Founder and President of INOVIS will facilitate a fireside chat with additional insights into how scenario planning and primary research create competitive advantage. For this segment we would like to ask and encourage you to bring your own examples to share and discuss.

If you want to be better prepared for disruption and crisis, this evening is for you.

Admission is free for members and CHF50 for non-members (deductible from the annual membership fee of CHF100 if you register as a new member within a week's time.

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9:00 AM09:00 at the MCC St. Gallen will run a workshop at the Marketing Capitals Conference MCC @ University of St. Gallen, Switzerland on 27-April 2016.

Our president Jens Thieme, our Association Sponsor INOVIS (Managing Director Marc Limacher) and student member Murat Can Anadol from ETH Zürich will introduce and provide practical insights into the various career path options we represent in Switzerland.

 MCC first edition in Milan - 2014

MCC first edition in Milan - 2014

We will also participate in the panel discussion 'Marketing & Innovation'. Our new board director Phil Allen will also be available for networking and to discuss opportunities for students at

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